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Research & Projects

My research interests include regional analysis and improving rural outcomes. Most of my projects are centered around creating data/information systems and tools to support my research.

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About Me

After finishing my undergrad at California Lutheran University, I went on to complete my M.S. in Agricultural and Resource Economics at Colorado State University and began working full time as an Economist & Budget Analyst for the Office of State Planning and Budgeting for the State of Colorado . Experience in applied economic analysis, data analysis, budget analysis,and information systems and a seasoned user in R, SQL, and Python. Solving complex problems is done through effective analysis, based on empiricle evidence with a focus on equitable outcomes. Whether it's been troubleshooting IT problems, conducting policy analysis, or driving a tractor, taking the extra steps to do things the right way the first time has always been a priorty to me.

I grew up in Oregon in the Pacific Northwest after moving around a couple time when I was younger. In high school I competed in Cross Country and Track & Field, but I've since ventured into ultimate frisbee and gravel biking to stay active. Other hobbies I really enjoy are PC gaming, collecting vinyl records, and baking for my partner, Lindsey. She claims she's loved everything I've made, but I think that's because she's just being nice. As for my records, I mainly collect folk rock, country western, and dream pop.